Relacja z seminarium naukowego we Wrocławiu

On the 12th of June 2014 the Institute of International Studies University of Wrocław and the Research Group “Helvetic Initiative” organized the international seminar in Wrocław, entitled

„Swiss „Sonderfall”.  Deliberation on the political system, foreign policy, neutrality and media in Switzerland”

The first referent was dr hab. Magdalena Musiał-Karg, (UAM), who presented the paper: When the demos shape the politics of the canton. Some remarks on popular assembly in Switzerland. Then Minister Martin Michelet, Embassy of Switzerland, was spoken about: Direct Democracy in Switzerland: Are the people always right?

During the session in Polish, dr Krzysztof Koźbiał (UJ), presented the paper: Impact of the Swiss state system solutions on the political system in Liechtenstien. Another speaker was dr MaciejAleksandrowicz (UwB), with the presentation entitled: Constitutional rights of the freedom of information and the position of mass media in Switzerland. Afterwards dr DariuszKomorowski (Uwr), was spoken about: Swiss „Sonderfall” – deliberation on the Swiss national anthem. This part of seminar was moderated by dr hab. Barbara Wiśniewska-Paź(UWr.).

Seminarium naukowe we Wrocławiu

We do kindly invite you for the international seminar organized by the Research Group “Helvetic Initiative” in cooperation with the University of Wrocław! It will be held at the University of Wrocław – Institute of International Studies (Koszarowa Street 3): Saturday, June 12, at 10 a.m.

Details and program, listed below:

Konferencja o partycypacji obywateli w procesie podejmowania decyzji politycznych – 2014

On 29-30 May 2014 at the Collegium Polonicum in Słubice conference entitled “Participation of citizens in the political decision-making process. The experience of Western and East-Central European countries” took place. It was organized by the AMU Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism, Department of Political Systems, Research Group “Helvetic Initiative” and Polish Political Science Association (Branch in Poznań).

In the plenary session, appeared well-known and respected scientists – Prof. Tadeusz Wallas, prof. Edward Jeliński, prof. Marek Żyromski and prof. Dorota Piontek. This was followed by eight panels with almost 40 specialists. Day ended with a gala dinner. On the second day of the conference organizers have planned a study visit to Berlin, during which the participants visited the Chamber of Deputies of the City and the Land of Berlin (Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin) and the surrounding museums.

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